Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Bariloche Airport UFO Incident - Argentina, 1995

On the evening of 31 July 1995, Polanco was about to land at Bariloche Airport, at the rudder of an Aerolineas Argentinas Boeing 727, when a light, dim at first, then intense and bright, got between the airliner and the runway.

The captain immediately advised the control tower, but received a disconcerting reply: it was no known aircraft. The strange light escorted the Boeing and its 100 passengers for 17 minutes.

A Gendarmeria aircraft that was also in flight at the time confirmed seeing the same object. The tableau was made complete by another extraordinary event: a sudden blackout at the airport.

"The case had great repercussion in the media worldwide. I was even visited by NASA specialists."

"This was the most definite, real and spectacular case. I witnessed two other episodes in my career," says Polanco.

15 years following his experience, he sees the Argentinean Air Force's interest in these matters as something positive, provided that it's done seriously. The two other cases the pilot alluded to occurred on 6 February 1995, when he was returning from Rio de Janeiro toward the Cordoba Airport, and was startled by a bright light.

Upon contacting the tower, he received the same reply: "Unknown traffic."

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The Bariloche UFO Incident - Argentina, 1995 by SpaceTimeForum

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