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UFO photographed at Ramey, AFB, Puerto Rico 1967

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April 16, 1967; Shoreline at NE corner of Ramey AFB, Puerto Rico
(BBU) Bet. 5 and 6 a.m. (EST).

USAF Airman/2nd Guillermo Padilla and Airman Henry, 72nd Bombardment Wing, SAC, saw a disc shaped object with two levels and a reddish band slightly above midsection, floating or hovering just above the water. Object went left to right and back a short distance then rose from right to left, and Padilla took a photo. Object reversed path and disappeared. (Tony Rullan)

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Robert D. Williamson, Captain, USAF, Chief, Combat Intelligence Branch, 72d Bomb Wing (SAC). Comments: It is the opinion of the preparing officer that Airman Padilla and Henry are reliable and stable individuals. They are not the publicity seeking type. Airman Padilla was particularly concerned that the other people would think him a “Nut” if his sighting became public. After having discussed this sighting with other members of the Intelligence Division and letting the Prediction and Interpretation Section examine the 35 mm slide, this seems to be a creditable sighting incident.

(1) One (1) 35 mm color slide taken by Airman Padilla.

Signed: Robert D. Williamson, Captain, USAF, UFO Representative, Intelligence Division.

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UFO Education - Project Blue Book Unknowns

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