Wednesday, April 10, 2013

UFOs over Hudson Valley, New York 1982-1995

AKA - The Hudson Valley UFO Flap

illustration photo

"The Hudson River valley of New York state was the site of one of the most widely witnessed and extended episodes of UFO activity ever. Literally thousands of witnesses observed the objects, and many photos and videos were taken. The "siege" begot over 7,000 documented and investigated sightings of a boomerang-shaped craft or crafts moving silently through the sky over New York and Connecticut between 1982 and 1995."

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Video Presentation:

Hudson Valley UFO Sightings by zbestufovideos

UFO over Brewster, New York 1984 by zbestufovideos

Alleged photograph of UFO over Rt. I-84 near Waterbury, Connecticut 1987

Book that features the Hudson Valley phenomenon:

Link - Night Siege: The Hudson Valley UFO Sightings
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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Pilot Encounters UFO over Castelo de Bode Dam, Portugal 1977

AKA - Portuguese AF Dornier 27 incident

 Illustration Photo - credit/natgeotv

Summary:  "Portugal's Castelo de Bode Dam encounter. On 17th June, 1977 a young Portuguese pilot comes face to face with a large unknown object at 5,000 feet. He observes it for a few seconds before it vanishes into the clouds. Suddenly, his magnetic compass spins wildly and his aircraft goes into an uncontrolled nose dive."

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Video: Case Presentation

UFO over Castelo de Bode, Portugal by zbestufovideos